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G.R.E.A.T. Summer Camp



The following are tips from the 4-H camp about packing!


Packing Tips


When it comes time to pack for camp let the kids do the work.  Kids need to know what they are taking to camp.  Parents can help with the packing, however; every camp sends a list of things to bring to camp.  Follow the list!


First, donít buy expensive clothing for camp.  Clothes at camp tend to get dirty.  That is just the nature of being in the outdoors.


Be sure to take old shoes, gym shoes or hiking boots.  Camp is not the place to ďbreak-inĒ new shoes.  For horseback riding, youíll need closed-toe shoes.  Remember, flip-flops are neither the most comfortable nor safe on the trails. 


Of course, appropriate shirts and tops are important.  T-shirts work best Ė they provide ample protection from the relentless sunshine.  And, donít even think about bringing shirts with inappropriate designs or verbiage.  (No shirts with tobacco or alcohol advertisement will be able to be worn, nor any shirts that someone will find offensive, remember this is a coed camp of 6th graders).


Plus, youíll need long pants for leg protection on hikes and horseback rides.


Remember to take a rain poncho or jacket, sun screen, insect repellent, flashlight, shower supplies and toiletries!  A hat serves as a good tick repellent and as sunscreen.


Put the camperís name on everything from clothes to toothpaste.  Use a permanent non-washable inkpad or marking pen.


Make sure all medication is in the original container and clearly marked.  Know the procedure for getting the medication to the proper person.


Pack a disposable camera instead of an expensive one.  Be sure to put the camperís name on the camera.


Clearly label the camperís suitcase or duffel bag sleeping bag, pillow and other bags.


And donít forget a water bottle or canteen~


All of these tips should apply to our camp to make it the best experience for your camper!