Saline County Sheriff's Office Fitness Program

In March of 2007, the Sheriff’s Office started a voluntary fitness program. Participants receive recognition for mileposts along the way to their goals. Any activity can be counted towards a person’s mileage. So far, 20 recognition certificates have been presented. Participants are awarded a jogging suit with the fitness club logo when they reach 1000 miles.

Current Participants and their current miles

Donna Moore 2178
Scott Trembley 2033.75
Marilyn Marshall 1007
David Berry 763.9
Loretta Reece 537.1
Linda Shea 271.95
Jerry Hammonds 357
Jim Fletcher 201
David Lovelace 200
Stephanie Repshire 155
Bill Discipio 107
Mary LaFlamme 107
Steve Brelsford 57
Adam Bruna 24.25

Miles from March 2007