Jail Inmate Telephones

The intake holding areas of the jails are equipped with phones with instructions in both English and Spanish.   After completing the booking process, inmates remaining in custody will be assigned to a housing unit, where telephones are available in common areas, or “dayrooms.” Under normal conditions, inmates have access to phones several hours each day. Telephones are not available during certain activities such as meals, temporary lockdowns, etc. In the evenings, telephones are generally available until night count is conducted, after which time the phones are unavailable for the rest of the night. Telephone access may also be restricted for disciplinary reasons against an individual inmate or an entire housing unit.

Inmates cannot receive incoming phone calls or messages. In the event of an emergency, please contact the Saline County Jail and ask to speak with a supervisor. He or she will determine if notification to the inmate is appropriate.

Inmate telephone service is provided through Securus.  Calls are collect  - The inmate places a collect call which is accepted and paid for by the receiving party (e.g. friends and/or family)   Note: Inmates cannot place collect calls to cell phones, business phones or numbers that are blocked from receiving collect calls.

To receive calls, inmate family/friends and others can easily and quickly set up a Call Account by calling Securus at 1-800-844-6591.

Blocking / Unblocking Numbers: Securus inmate telephone service allows you to block your number so that inmates at the Saline County Jail Facilities cannot call your number. You may also unblock your phone number.

For other Customer Service Issues regarding Inmate Telephone Services, please contact Securus at 1(800) 844-6591.