Jail Visitor Dress Code

Visitors must be completely dressed including footwear during visitation. Revealing or see through clothing is not acceptable. Upper torso clothing must have sleeves that are at least midway between the shoulder and elbow. Lower torso clothing must cover the legs at least to the bottom of the knee and is inclusive of shorts. Extremely tight fitting clothing will not be allowed. Questionable apparel will be approved or disapproved for visitation by the shift supervisor. 

An individual who is denied visitation because of dress will be allowed the option of wearing an agency provided smock or return at their next scheduled visitation. Your photo ID will be held until the smock is returned. If a smock is not returned the expense to replace the garment will be charged to the visitors inmates account.

This information is not intended to be all-inclusive and the Jail Staff reserve the right to deny entrance to any visitor when the shift supervisor determines that the visitorís attire is unacceptable.