1.      There are no restrictions concerning the number of letters inmates may send or receive at their own expense (mail over 30 days old will be placed in inmates’ property).  All mail must go through the U.S. Postal Service.


2.      All incoming mail may be opened and inspected for contraband/unapproved items.


3.      Magazines and other printed material are accepted only if they are mailed directly from the publisher or bonafide bookstore. The maximum number of publications allowed to be retained by an inmate is two (2).  However, one ounce or less of legal material printed from the internet (approximately 6-7 normal sized paper) will be allowed.


4.      Correspondence that has sexually explicit material will not be allowed. 


5.      Newspaper subscriptions are accepted if they are mailed directly from the publisher. 


6.      All money orders/attorney trust account checks/cashier’s checks received will be recorded and forwarded to the inmates for his/her signature.  The above will then be cashed and the money placed in the inmate’s account.  NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED.


7.      Other items mailed to this facility, including but not limited to clothing, food, toilet items, and stamps, stamped envelopes, third party letters will be returned to the sender


8.      Items acceptable in this facility via the mail are letters, money orders, cashier’s checks, and ten photographs no larger than 4” X 6 “ .  Polaroid’s, Personal checks, and Envelopes larger than 10”X13” will not be accepted. 


9.      Introduction of contraband to the facility is a felony.  Criminal prosecution may be initiated as a result of an attempt to smuggle contraband in through the mail.


10.   Any letters written in code or not decipherable by facility staff will be returned to sender or placed into the inmates property.


11.   Mail that is received after an Inmate is transferred or released from the Saline County Jail shall be returned to sender.  Incoming mail that does not have a return address with a senders name will be returned to the post office.


12.   All correspondence to inmates should be addressed as follows:




P.O. BOX 1606

SALINA, KS 67402-1606