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02.08.2012 Update

Mr. Ron Tremblay has been selected by Sheriff Kochanowski to lead this effort to establish a public/private range in Saline County. Ron Tremblay attended the NRA Range Development and Operations Conference held October 15-19th, 2011 in Reno, Nevada. 

Interest in assisting with the range project has been strong with nearly fifty expressions of interest forms being submitted. Ron Tremblay has selected a small board from the interested volunteers to assist him in the future thru the efforts of various subcommittees. 

The first meeting of this board was held on 2-7-12. During this meeting there was much discussion centering on the matter of the site evaluation. A formal request was sent to NRA Range Services dated September 19th, 2011. To date no response has been given to this request.

Efforts are being made to contact the NRA and see when a site evaluation might be completed. Once we have more information concerning this matter we will be scheduling another meeting and notice of the meeting will be posted on this page well in advance of the meeting.

If you would like to make a suggestion or ask a question about our Range Plans please use the “contact us” link located at the top of this page.  We will evaluate all suggestions and answer all questions.

We are also providing a map of the area we are looking at for Range use.  The land we are looking at is in color.  The exact location and lay out have not been determined.
Map can be found  HERE


The Saline County Sheriff’s Office working alongside the Saline County Commission is beginning the process of developing a Shooting Range that will accommodate both Law Enforcement and the General Public.  

Our plan is to develop a range where Law Enforcement can do all of our necessary training and qualifying and allow the public to do recreational shooting, concealed carry training, sighting in their hand guns, long guns, shotguns and archery equipment. 

We are in the early planning stages and we are looking for people who would be interested in working on committees to help design and develop the range, name it, establish guidelines for usage, how it is to be operated, assist in building, grant writing and fund raising to make this a successful project.

One of the first steps is to contact the National Rifle Association and arrange for a NRA Range Tech to come to Saline County look at the site we are planning to use and advise if this location is acceptable for a range and then give us professional advice and guidance on how to proceed. We are currently looking at land owned by Saline County that is ½ a section located on the east side of Woodward Road between Lapsley Road on the North and Hobbs Creek Road on the South.

If you have an interest in helping with this project please go to the Saline County website at and download and complete an expression of interest form (found at the top of the right hand column) and send it to the Saline County Commission 300 W. Ash, Salina, Ks 67401 or stop in at the Sheriff’s Office 251 N. 10th Street, Salina, Ks and fill out a form.

As this project progresses we will form a Citizens Advisory Group who will hold meetings at the Saline County Sheriff’s Office Training Room at 7:00PM on a chosen Tuesday. Dates for these meetings will be announced in advance and citizen participation is welcome.

Once this project gets started you will be able to follow our progress on our web site— and make comments, suggestions or just give us some friendly encouragement and advice.

Glen Kochanowski