Commendation Photos


Sheriff Kochanowski and Captain R. Soldan present Deputy Craig Norris a commendation for his work.

The commendation reads:  On August 4, 2013 Deputy Norris, who was on his day off, was notified by a citizen at a local business about trouble she was having with an older male subject she had met just a few days before.  Although the incident happened in the City of Salina, and a report had already been made to the Police Department, Deputy Norris could tell the citizen was lost as to what to do.  When Deputy Norris returned to work on August 5th he assisted the citizen with making a positive identification of the stalker and with instruction for obtaining a Protection From Stalking Order.  The citizen was so impressed by the interest shown by Deputy Norris that she completed a full page letter recommending a commendation.


Sheriff Kochanowski, Captain R. Soldan and Lt. M Smith present Deputy Jeremy Trostle a commendation for his work.

The commendation reads:  On September 14, 2013 Deputy Trostle responded to a residence in Brookville for a report of a woman prematurely giving birth.  Deputy Trostle's demeanor at the scene kept the mother calm and he assisted in the delivery of the baby by following the instructions given by the responding medic units.  He then continued to provide care to the infant until medics arrived to transport both mother and child to the hospital.



Sheriff Kochanowski presents Captain B. Shea, Deputies J. Hughes, D. Hamilton, R. Heinrich, K. Lawrence, C. Norris and J. Jacquart with a commendation for the work. 

The commendation reads in part:  Captain B. Shea along with other deputies were involved in an armed standoff with an 85 year old distraught male subject who was armed with a rifle. Officers positioned themselves at various locations around the home where they could keep visual contact of the individual and also communicate with him. Using solid tactical and communication skills the officers were able to talk with the individual and eventually get close enough to disarm him and end this standoff peacefully and with no one being injured.

The professional actions of all officers involved resulted in a very successful conclusion.



Sheriff Kochanowski, Captain Brian Shea and Lieutenant Jim Fletcher present Deputy Tim Hoesli and Deputy Pat Queen with a commendation for their work.  The commendation reads in part:

This commendation is being presented to Deputy Hoesli and Deputy Queen for an exceptional job of law enforcement performance in apprehending a suspect while he was attempting to steal aluminum car rims from Health Auto Salvage.


Sheriff Kochanowski and Records Supervisor Jessica Hall present Michelle McMillin with a commendation for her work.  The commendation reads: 

This is a commendation to recognize Michelle McMillin for exceptional dedication in her work as the Sheriff's Office Registered Offender Specialist.  Michelle has built our program from the ground up and has turned it into an exemplary program that is recognized by the State of Kansas.  Some of Michelle's ideas are being considered for use by the KBI and FBI in their programs.

Congratulations Michelle on a job well done.


Corporals Jeremiah Hays and Travis Henry
Deputies Brenda Darr, Amber Black, Rachel Larson and Christopher Milleson
Booking Clerk Judy Shannon

On April 16, 2010 at 9:58 pm Deputy Larson discovered a fire in the jail laundry with flames visible from a dryer.  Heavy smoke quickly spread throughout the laundry and was drifting into the halls and cell block areas. 

The fire department was notified and the inmates housed in the immediate area were quickly moved and the jail was locked down and counted.  Once the jail was secured the doors in the area of the fire were opened to allow the smoke to clear and reduce the possibility of smoke inhalation.  The fire department was able to limit the amount of damage and rapidly gain control of the fire because of actions taken by the correction staff on duty. 

The Sheriff's Office is very proud to have employees of this caliber and were awarded this commendation because of their team effort by remaining calm during a life threatening event and their professional caring attitude that prevented injury and major damage to the facility.



Sheriff Kochanowski presents Corrections Officer I Brandon Hornseth (far right) and Corrections Officer I Dave Wallace with Commendations.

On September 27th 2008 Corrections Officer I Brandon Hornseth and Corrections Officer I Dave Wallace were on duty when an inmate made a suicide attempt.  The quick response of these officers, in a very critical and stressful situation prevented the inmate for completing the attempt.

Both of these officer have worked in the jail a short time, but because of the devotion, dedication, professionalism and training in corrections they saved the life of an inmate. Together they showed a great team effort and the ability to remain calm during a life-threatening situation.

Sheriff Kochanowski congratulates (left to right) Lieutenant Mike Smith, Captain Brian Shea, Reserve Deputy Paul Gebhardt, Deputy Shawn Carnes and Mounted Patrol Deputy Robert Northcutt for their work on December 29, 2006.

These officers were recognized for their professionalism, concern for their fellow man, dedication to duty and courage for the way they handled an extremely dangerous event that involved an intoxicated mentally unstable individual who was intent on harming himself.  Our officers displayed the true meaning of being a law enforcement officer in the way they handled this incident by bringing it to a successful conclusion with no one being injured.

Sheriff Kochanowski presents Deputy Jabe Jacquart with a Commendation for his work.

In the early morning hours of May 26, 2006 officers of this agency responded to a Kwik Shop to assist a police officer with a very dangerous kidnap suspect who he was having trouble arresting.  Due to the quick response and professional actions the suspect was arrested, the kidnap victim was rescued, the suspect who was attempting to escape was stopped, his suicide attempt was averted and no one was seriously injured.