The Saline County Sheriff’s Office has teamed with ComputerCop and several local businesses including Blue Beacon, Green Lantern, Sunflower Bank, Wal Mart, Sam’s Club, and Crestwood to make internet monitoring software available to local citizens.

ComputerCop software will begin working when the CD is placed into the cd drive of the computer.  This software allows parents and caretakers to view all pictures and images that are stored on the hard drive of the respective computer.  Additionally chat and email logs can be checked against a dictionary of 5000 words commonly used by on-line predators, cyber bullies and phrases commonly used for drug and party terminology.  The program will prompt users to take all actions and is very easy to use.

The ComputerCop software is available at the Saline County Sheriff’s Office 251 No. 10th Street, Salina, Ks for a cost of $5 each.

For further information please contact the Saline County Sheriff’s Office  785-826-6500