Ell-Saline USD 307

School Resource Officer

Chad Flesher, currently serves as the School Resource Officer at Ell-Saline school.


Chad started at the Saline County Sheriff’s Office in December of 1994, as a corrections officer.  He transferred to road patrol in March of 1999, working as a road patrol deputy until July of 2007, when he was assigned to USD 307 as a School Resource Officer. 


The most rewarding part of being a School Resource Officer is the ability to help students deal with any problems they are having, at school or at home.


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Ell-Saline's New SRO Car

During the 2008-2009 school year a contest was held among the students at Ell-Saline to design the graphics for the Ell-Saline School Resource Officers patrol car.  Using the Ell-Saline school colors and the school mascot Cardinal Hunter Brooks design was selected for the car.





School Resource Officer Chad Flesher and Hunter Brooks stand next to the finished result, which is parked in front of Ell- Saline school.





Congratulations to Hunter on his outstanding design.