Explorer Scout Program

The Saline County Sheriff’s Office Explorer Post gives Saline County youth interested in law enforcement a unique opportunity to receive training in several aspects of law enforcement and an opportunity to serve their local community.  The Explorer program is available to eligible youth ages 14 – 21.  The post advisor is Deputy James Fletcher our DARE/GREAT Officer, who is assisted by Lieutenant Sean Kochanowski and Deputy Jonathan Strowig.

Explorer Post 2659 was chartered with the Boy Scouts of America more than 20 years ago and   has served many Saline County youth.  This program gives youth the chance to experience aspects of a career in law enforcement at a time when youth are considering college and further education.  Many of our Explorers have graduated to successful careers in the law enforcement field. 

Current Members are:  Devyn Clark, David Faerber, Eric Gilbertson, Steven Moyer, Scott Moyer, Blake Northcutt, Dalton Willingham, Adam Rumsey, Longino Felicia, Benjamine Weiser, Seth Moyer, Sharita Parker, Taylor Rumsey and Chelsea Thorne.     (Some past post members are listed below)

Explorers are given the opportunity to observe and assist Sheriff’s Office Employees in the Corrections, Operations, and Administrative Divisions.  Explorers also assist with public information booths and security at local events.

 If you or someone you know is interested in the Saline County Sheriff’s Office Explorer Program please contact Post Advisor, Deputy Scott Trembley or Lieutenant Sean Kochanowski

Exploring Advisory Newsletter  ( A newsletter for Law Enforcement Explorer Post in Kansas)

Training Pictures from 2004
Advisor Deputy Sean Kochanowski demonstrates the correct procedure of a  wall search as Explorer's observe.
Advisor Deputy Sean Kochanowski discusses the equipment carried in our vehicles to three Explorer's.
Advisor Deputy James Fletcher demonstrates how to fingerprint items.
Advisor Deputy Sean Kochanowski demonstrates first aid procedure.

March 2004 Farm Show

Saline County Explorers assist with Crime Prevention booths at many local events.  Here we seen five of our explorers with DARE/GREAT Officer Deputy James Fletcher and School Resource Officer Deputy Sean Kochanowski.

Events our Explorer Post participates in, include:

The Mounted Patrol Rodeo
Boy Scout Show at Central Mall
Ell-Saline D.A.R.E. Graduation
Smolan Easter Party
Southeast of Saline D.A.R.E. Graduation
Sacred Heart D.A.R.E. Graduation
Ethnic Festival at Oakdale Park
Torch Run in Wichita
Fishing Explorers
Cop and Fossils
Smokey Hill River Festival
Explorer Conference in Garden City, KS
G.R.E.A.T. Adventure Camp
D.A.R.E. Camp


Darrell Rico, Cody Edgerton, Ryan Bowles, Cody Burger, Martha Bethe, Ben Pickering, Kyle Saskowski, Travis Clark, Calbel Holcom, Erica Landis, Elisia Hernandez, Troy Terry, Emily Cole, Diane Molstad, Erin Engeland, Amanda Brady, Nicole Boatright, Amanda Mcdaneld, Risa Patterson, Brian Elliott, Monica Neuman, Josh Pohlman, Spring Brayboy, Elisha Carter, Warren Elliott, Samantha Komarek, Angela Landis, Danielle Maag, Blake Mudd, Taurice Richardson, Brian Dow, Blake Northcutt, James Thomas, Tasha Sommerfeld and Katy Lorson


July 1999,  G.R.E.A.T. / D.E.F.Y. Camp

Members of the Saline County Sheriff's Office Explorers Post and members of the High Post participated in the 1999 G.R.E.A.T. / D.E.F.Y. Summer Camp at Rock Springs 4-H Center July 27-29 near Junction City.  The camp provided positive alternatives to drugs and violence and was attended by youth from Saline County and Topeka. 

Post members were counselors for the camp and were in charge of overseeing the operational aspects as well as leading many of the camp functions.  Group presentations were provided by OCCK, Salina ATA Black Belt Academy, Kansas Highway Patrol, Kansas Wildlife and Parks, Saline County Sheriff's Office and the Kansas 4-H Foundation.

August 1999  Explorers Assist with Fair Activities

During the Saline County Tri-Rivers Fair and Rodeo, members of the Saline County Sheriff's Office Explorer's Post 2659 participated in various activities.

Explorers fingerprinted youths for child identification at the Saline County Sheriff's Office booth.  More than 500 youths were fingerprinted.  Cards containing the fingerprints were given to the parents to take home, who were instructed to fill in the needed information and keep them in a safe place.  Explorers assisting with the child identifications booth were Elisia Hernandez, Martha Bethe, Brian Elliott, Erica Landis, Tracee O'Connor, Ben Pickering and Erin England.

 Saline County Sheriff's Office Explorer

 Code of Conduct

As a Saline County Sheriff’s Office Explorer, I am interested in exploring a career in law enforcement.  It is my hope that my participation in this program can help me grow as a person and gain knowledge of the law enforcement profession. 

Though I may not choose a career in law enforcement, I know that I must conduct myself in a manner that represents the Saline County Sheriff’s Office and me in a positive way.  I also understand that the Saline County Sheriff’s Office Explorer Post will have rules that I must follow.  It is understood that the illegal use of alcohol or tobacco will not be tolerated, nor will any violation of the laws of my community, county or country.