The City of Salina/Saline County Employee Memorial was dedicated on Thursday, May 31, 2007.

The Memorial is dedicated

For those men and women who lost their lives during the the performance of their duties while serving the citizens
of Salina and the Residents of Saline County

This Memorial project, prompted by the tragic death of City employee Shannon Helms on  August 18, 2004,
was built to commemorate all Salina and Saline County employees, past present and future, by honoring
those  who have lost their lives while serving the citizens of this community.

It is our hope that this memorial serves as a place for peaceful reflection.

In remembrance of:

Saline County

Fred Bell
 Sheriff's Office
September 17, 1952

Sylvester B. Mason
Highway Department
March 17, 1966

City of Salina

Fred Brodbeck
Fire Department
October 5, 1912

Ray Craig,
Fire Department
December 31, 1932

John Stonebraker
Police Department
February 12, 1917

Tom Carson
Police Department
November 29, 1920

Olney E. Eaton
Police Department
May 31 1942

Jerry R. Ivey
Police Department
June 13, 1975

William (Bill) Siebert
Public Works Department
June 14, 1974

Shannon Helms
Public Works Department
August 18, 2004