Why Not to Come to JDC


My Top Ten List


My Top Ten Reasons for Not Coming Here


1. Food isnít as good as it is at home.

2. You canít take care of your family while you are in the juvenile detention center.

3. You canít go outside of the center without being shackled or being inside of a fence surrounded by razor sharp barbed wire.

4. You canít see your friends and family all the time like you do at home.

5. You canít have a job while you are in the juvenile detention center.

6. You are locked in a room until they let you out.

7. You do not wear normal clothes. You wear these yellow jumpsuit that they give you to wear.

8. You have to earn $15.00 of fake money before you can make a phone call home.

9. You canít have any contact with your friends-- just your family that is over 18, and if it is long distance, you have to call collect.

10. You have less privileges than you did when you were a little kid and in trouble.


Top Ten Reasons Not To Come To JDC

1.  Can't talk to other inmates while your in your cell.

2.  People tell you when you can eat, shower, use the restroom, watch TV,  and       when you can call your parents.

3.  Food is not good at all.

4.  Only get out of your room for 45 minutes a day unless you go to school.

5.  Don't have toilet seats.

6.  Have to wear orange everyday all day.

7.  Have to be in bed at eight o'clock. 

8.  Only get to take 9 minute showers.

9.  Have to buy TV time.

10. Have to be locked in your room for the first 24 hours.




1.  You do not get all you want to eat.

2.  You have no freedom.

3.  You can't wear your own clothes.

4.  Early bedtime - 8:00 p.m.

5.  You don't get to see or talk to your family every day.

6.  The rooms are cold.

7.  You don't get to go to normal school.

8.  The guards are strict.

9.  You have to wake up at 6:00 a.m. to take a shower.

10.  You do not get to go outside whenever you want.