Reserve Officer Program

The Saline County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Program is committed to a partnership with the residents and visitors to Saline County, Kansas.  We will deliver quality service, emphasizing integrity, professionalism, compassion, fairness and community interaction for the betterment of all.

The Saline County Sheriff’s Office strives to enhance community relations and partnership, and this partnership takes many forms.  By fostering mutual trust through provided public services, the Sheriff’s Office sometimes looks to the citizenry to augment government resources for the betterment of all.

One of these programs is the Reserve Deputy Program.  This program allows for citizens to receive law enforcement training and work with the Sheriff’s Office, through limited law enforcement powers, to provide supplementary and complementary services for and with the county.

Reserve Deputies have many duties.  Through training and experience based learning, reserves work on patrol with regular patrol deputies, they assist at public events like parades, fairs, fund raisers and the like and they provide much needed assistance at crime scenes where resources sometimes get stretched very thin.

Most of all, reserves provide one additional irreplaceable function.  Reserves act as ambassadors to the public.  Being unpaid volunteers, Reserves are community members with a very special point of view and a unique ability to link community and government.  They go out amongst their peers and provide insight and education about law enforcement and it’s roll in the community.

Reserve Officers

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Reserve Officers

Reserve Officers

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