Operation Medicine Cabinet

The Saline County Sheriff's Office is implementing a program called "Operation Medicine Cabinet" that will enable citizens of our area to dispose of unused, unwanted and expired medicines by turning them in at the Sheriff's Office.

The program will offer citizens in our area an opportunity to dispose of expired or unwanted drugs by turning them in for proper disposal instead of flushing them. Proper disposal keeps our water safe. Another benefit of proper disposal prevents illegal use of the drugs or theft of identity from prescription labels.

Properly storing and/or disposing of medicine is one way to make sure that visitors to your home (relatives, friends, delivery persons, etc.) do not rifle through your medicine cabinet to feed an addiction or make a profit. Another product of improper storage of medicines is called a "pharm (farm) party". To find out more about pharm parties, Google it on your computer. A pharm party is when young people, high school/college students gather and put numerous drugs that they have gathered (stolen) from various people's medicine cabinets into a large bowl and everyone then just takes a handful and ingests them. This is called trail mix because of the many unidentified colorful drugs. This dangerous venture has caused overdose deaths across the county.

Abuse of prescription drugs is growing at an alarming rate across the country and you can do your part by making sure your medicines in your home are properly secured and accounted for. Remember some drugs can look like candy to a youngster and then the next thing you know you have an overdosed child or grandchild on your hands. Please store or dispose of medicine in the proper way.

You can bring your unused, unwanted and expired medicines to the Sheriff's Office, 251 N. 10th Street on Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM. On weekends you can turn in your unwanted medicines anytime of the day at the Saline County Jail visitation window. The jail entrance is located at Elm and 12th Street.

We will also accept your used or unwanted needles (sharps) and we will see that they are properly disposed of.


Since we started the project in late 2009 we have disposed of 11,021 pounds of unwanted medicine through the end of  September 2020.

We would like to thank the citizens of our area for trusting in us to dispose of their unused, unwanted and expired medicine in a safe manner.

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